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Are you a student and you are not satisfied with your results?
Are you worried about not being able to prepare in time for your exam? Do you lack motivation to study? Discover...


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By applying the tools and techniques in this workbook

You will find yourself...

Studying books and enhancing your career
Speaking a new language in a month or two
Reading more books and enriching your mind
Learning new skills and undertaking new projects
Excelling at exams
Presenting confidently, leading others to take action

The Contents of the Genius Prime WorkBook

An exclusive PDF guide of over 70 pages, related to practical exercises to improve immediately you results at school.

In addition, you will get "Genius By Choice".

The book will teach you how to...

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What will you learn thanks to the Discipline mini-course, and why is it a bonus for this bundle?

Training hundreds of people through our programme, we have realised that once you remove the learning blocks that you have and enhance your learning power, there is one more obstacle that may rise between you and your results: your (lack of) discipline.

In this mini-course, recorded live during two sessions of our Soft Skills Academy, you will learn more about the three factors that affect your discipline.

Identifying these reasons will be your first step immediately after learning effective strategies to feel more in control of your motivation.


What will you learn thanks to the Prominent style Test?

Discover YOUR single, most prominent cognitive style.

All of us learn in a unique way that has been developed over years and years due to preferences, circumstances and references.

After studying all the currently available theories on learning and observing hundreds of clients, we have identified the 8 styles that affect your learning the most.

By understanding your most prominent one, you will be able to look at yourself through a new lens. You will discover the strengths of your main style and how to use them to your advantage when learning and working. You will also uncover tips to navigate the dangers that come with your style (there always are some!).

It is a wonderful starting point from which to get to know yourself better. With this knowledge, selecting the right strategy for yourself will become so much easier.

The Genius PRIME Workbook is a necessary guide to enhance your results; by completing it, you will feel ready to face your challenges successfully.

Of course, the daily support of a specialised Mentor is even more impactful because it adds the tailored quality that only a personalised approach can have.

However, by successfully reading the book and applying the fun exercises of the workbook, you will increase your productivity immediately

You will be able to: read more effectively, improve your efficiency and process information better. You will be surprised by discovering that your potential is close to unlimited!

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Who is Giulia S. Remondino?

Hi, I am Giulia S. Remondino and I am an Italian expat in London.

I am the founder of Genius in 21 Days UK, after training as an Instructor in Italy.

There are many reasons why I decided to write this book: one of the main ones is that I wanted to make the Genius method available to as many people as possible. What really motivates me are not only the results themselves. The results you can achieve mean something only compared to your own standard.

What really moves me and drives me is to think about all people who have learned (and will learn) how to do something that they previously thought impossible. Because, when this happens, the look in their eyes changes and it is clear that a new perspective has opened up for them.

I cannot promise that reading a book will give you the same results that you would have by taking Genius in 21 Days (I am pretty sure it will not), but what I want for you is to start having a peek at your potential.

Apply everything you can, and you will see your learning improve at a pace that you thought impossible before.

Simply by using the tools I will share with you in this book, I managed to acquire fluency in two new languages and I am now running my business on three continents.

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